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The above items never saw the light of day. For a variety of reasons, the projects shown were abandoned. That they were no longer wanted doesn't mean that they were found wanting... they just need a space to show their stuff...

This is a private project. I fell in love with Uncle Remus stories when I was a kid and the fascination has not let me go. Pictured is page 1 of a 7 page project that I used to learn some stuff about Macromedia Director. The characters were drawn by me. I had always felt that B'rer Fox & B'rer Tarrypin didn't need clothing to do these stories justice. A fox and a turtle are interesting enough in their own right...
A sketch while talking on the phone. This was to be page 3 of the above mentioned project. B'rer Fox had to look menacing as seen from the POV of B'rer Tarrypin and I was having trouble getting it right. I drew this while talking to Sandra on the phone, proving that sometimes it pays not paying attention to what you are doing...
I've been working at Media Design Group for 7 years. We were putting together a proposal for AT&T. I thought this would make a good mailer to invite people to the conference. We got the job, but the poor monkey was sent packing (at one point the sub-theme of the conference was "Get the internet monkey off your back!".
Skull iLAN. This map made it into a video for the same AT&T conference, but the name was changed & was covered by a big title. The drawing was done by myself (later animated in After Effects by Aurora Morgan), and manipulated in Photoshop to looked aged. The look was inspired by a little known artist named Owen Wister who illustrated some of the books I read as a kid.
Frolicking zebras. Another AT&T reject, this was signage that was proposed for the conference. A swatch of color and a species of animal were to represent the five different tracks of the conference. I seem to remember some folks took issue with the animals frolicking in such a manner .
Why is there a tree in the question mark? One of my favorite designs. The challenge here was to come up with a graphic that could also have an element that can be used for embroidery & t-shirts. A more "corporate" look was settled on & the show turned out to be quite a hit.
"I love it! Can we add more stuff to it?" ...and I did.This was an animate for a video for the conference featured in the preceeding graphic. But part of the "Road to Victory" involved a trip to Walt Disney World too, so I needed to add some Disney pictures to this visual.
"One that got away..." It was fun doing a sports oriented graphic. This featured various sports "balls" blazing past the logo.
"Look at the hieroglyphics" This is another one that got away. This conference was to take place in Cancun during the Vernal Equinox. The date was VERY IMPORTANT. I found a site on the internet that had a Mayan calendar date calculator. I typed in the date & it spit out the hieroglyphics that are etched onto the wall in the background.
"Who would have thought you could have this much fun with the color brown?" Here is one of those ideas that come to you while you're playing basketball. In three hours I was done...